Problem solving course

UX Guerrilla just introduced a new 2 days in-house/online course: Problem solving and decision making.

Join our problem solving workshop and learn how to prevent problems from occurring in the first place and efficiently solve any problems that do arise especially in relation to customer experience with Brexit and Covid. Over the 2 days you will learn about how to effectively solve and prevent problems and help you to save your organisation time, money and resources. This course allows you to identify the cause of a problem and make better decisions to resolve the problem. This saves your organisation time, money and resources.

Problem solving & decision making training is designed for corporate environments and the course is delivered as a bespoke in-house course. We are recommending this course for low to top level management, who already have knowledge and practical experience in their position, but needs to develop new skills problem solving & decision making related to any type of customer experience.

We are definitely not focusing on digital services or solutions only. This workshop is designed to cater for anyone who needs to think more creatively in their organisation, or needs to get others to think more creatively. We are also able to tailor the content if we are working with a group of people managers, customer facing staff or any staff who are needing to radically redesign the way they work or go to market. Problem solving & decision making skills will be useful for anybody at any level: development teams, project/product managers, team leaders, agile specialists, company managers, marketing teams.

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