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Agile Development

Learn Agile/Scrum methodology, get high level knowledge in the latest development technologies through our practical based learning curve. 8 weeks course around the deep foundation of the Agile environment. Over the training, students will get a professional knowledge in Agile/Scrum, learn about how to breathe and work in a collaborative environment. This course is recommended for individuals, developers, team leaders, who want to learn the modern development process.

Agile Development in practice


Module 1 Agile principles

Learn iterative approach to project management, software development that helps the team to deliver value

Module 2Scrum & Sprint

Understand scrum roles and responsibilities, reviews, retrospectives, sprint planning and measuring success

Module 3Technologies

Learn about new techniques and be up to date with the latest web/development technologies

Module 4 Project practice

Practice your knowledge on a real project in a creative and collaborative agile development environment
Agile development


Join a real time agile development team and learn new skills directly from our experts and team mates and you can consult with industry pros, get online classroom lectures and finally you can learn the whole development lifecycle in a real collaborative Agile/Scrum environment and practice on real projects.

A good development team is much more than the sum of its members. Agile is a way to work in a collaborative environment, where you can add yourself into the whole picture, but you also can learn, adapt and introduce new skills.

You can learn the basics in agile, coding through a video course but the development is more than this, more than the fundamental and library science. Agile is a living and breathing environment.

To be a good part of a fast paced, multi-disciplinary agile development team, you need beyond the theoretical knowledge, real practical experience to understand the agile and the whole development process. We will teach you how to develop this attitude, how to use these unique skills to bring all your special and priceless knowledge to the future table.

agile development

£ 1495
  • Online classroom
  • 4 weeks theory
  • 4 weeks practice
  • real projects
  • agile environment
  • Guerrilla certification

about the course

Further information

Further information

We are recommending this course for the future developer geniuses who already have junior/mid level knowledge in coding, UX/UI, project management, business analysis, software testing, but don’t have real life practice and who wants to understand the modern development environment and learn more about Agile thinking and environment. You bring your knowledge, we bring ours in management, Agile, UX and teaching.

If you think you fit with this project, please join us.
We suggest this course for UX Designers, UI Designers, Business Analysts, Product Managers, Product Owners, Product Designers, Scrum Masters, Front/Back-End Developers, Javascript developers, Dev-Ops, Software testers, Android/iOS developers, database specialists and React developers.

You will dive into the development process meanwhile you continuously learn about Agile/Scrum principles and will understand roles and ceremonies, understand and adapt design thinking and how to manage development in Agile, you will also learn about how to work collaboratively and breathe with a development team in an agile environment.
The learning curve and the content of the course has been designed to help and improve and understand and adapt agile thinking and principles.

During the training, you will get theoretical and practical lectures on how to understand and solve complex multifaceted problems, overview and practical lectures from the latest industry development frameworks, programming languages, such as React/Native, .Net, Ruby, Rest API, Android, iOS. We also teach you how to use this proactive problem solving attitude and approach to build better products and services.

Following the theory modules, students will have a 4 weeks project practice. This practice based learning curve will help to prepare for your job and help to build a high quality portfolio. After the training, the students can use the project in their portfolio.

  • Agile principles – Anatomy of a modern development environment
  • Design thinking & UX principles
  • Mobile vs desktop
  • React/Native, Laravel, Ruby on Rails & Angular
  • Problem solving and complex thinking
  • Cocoa, Cocoa Touch & Android Framework
  • Software testing principles
  • Essence of Agile
  • Experience on a real life project

This course is 8 weeks of live online classroom, including theory and lots of practical examples from the real world, but totally tailor made and bespoke designed for every training. The total hours depend on you as well approx 120-150 hours. If you join us you will learn about how agile development works.

  • 30 mins Scrum meeting (daily)
  • 2-4 hours development (daily)
  • 30 mins free consultation time (weekly)
  • 3 hrs extra lectures (weekly, with guest instructors)

There are no formal entry requirements, we welcome all applicants who are interested in this subject.

During the training, you will be part of a real development team and you can use this project in your portfolio. Once you finished the course, you will get a Guerrilla Academy Certificate which proves that you participated in this course.

Limited number of training
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Limited number of training
seats are available
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Limited number of training
seats are available
Book your place now!

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What Our Students Say

“That was a very intense course to improve my exist knowledge and get practice in real projects which will fit very well into my portfolio. Useful training for mid-level developers. I really enjoyed.”