Concept & Graphic Design

UX Guerrilla also available for visual and applied design, such as branding, company identities, concept and user interface designs, media & multimedia, email design & development, managing email campaigns.
  • Jet2 Airlines & Jet2 Holidays: email and concept development, print design, posters
  • Brunel Holding: email and print design, campaign management
  • Ireland Local: print design
  • Koppany: posters, print and product design
  • M&S: concept and user interface design
  • CD/DVD covers for Warner Music, Sony, Proton, Sony550
  • Channel 18:TV set top box UI design
  • Etisalat: User interface design for digital payment kiosks
  • Maxbox Digital Kiosks: branding, kiosk design
  • Algorithm Films: movie posters 
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