2 days | Online or in-house

Problem solving &
Decision making

Join our problem solving workshop and learn how to prevent problems from occurring in the first place and efficiently solve any problems that arise especially in relation to customer experience with Brexit and Covid. Over the 2 days you will learn about how to effectively solve and prevent problems and help you to save your organisation time, money and resources. This course allows you to identify the cause of a problem and make better decisions to resolve the problem.

Problem solving & decision making


Module 1 Defining a problem

An introduction to problem solving thinking, learn to defining a problem and using techniques

Module 2Causes of problems

Learn to use analytical approach and mapping-out the problem, together with causes and solutions

Module 3Techniques & practices

Discover best practices for problem solving: root cause, SWOT, decision tree and other useful techniques

Module 4Real life Examples

Learn from examples and decisions: how to avoid traps by using preventive and comparative approach
problem solving & decision making


We will remember 2020 as a historic year. Brexit uncertainty and Covid-19 generated more issues than we ever imagined, and uncertainty required better decision making as wrong decisions generate much worse situations. It has never been more important to learn problem solving and good decision making skills.

During this real time, online or in-house training you will get theoretical and practical knowledge on how to define a problem, analyse causes of problems, understand and use problem solving and decision making techniques in relation to customer experience.

We believe in the right attitude and skills that you can use in your future work. Using real life examples, we will teach you how to develop this attitude and how to use these unique skills to bring special and priceless knowledge to the future table. To use this proactive problem solving attitude and approach you will be able to build better products and services.

Problem solving
& decision making


Problem solving &
Decision making

£ 495
  • Online classroom
  • 16 hours / 2 days
  • Guerrilla certification

about the course

Further information

Further information

Problem solving & decision making training is designed for corporate environments and the course is delivered as a bespoke in-house course. We are recommend this course for low to top level management, who already have knowledge and practical experience in their position, but needs to develop new skills problem solving & decision making related to any type of customer experience.

We are definitely not focusing on digital services or solutions only. This workshop is designed to cater for anyone who needs to think more creatively in their organisation, or needs to get others to think more creatively. We are also able to tailor the content if we are working with a group of people managers, customer facing staff or any staff who are needing to radically redesign the way they work or go to market. Problem solving & decision making skills will be useful for anybody at any level: development teams, project/product managers, team leaders, agile specialists, company managers, marketing teams.

This course is a live online or in-house/personal classroom course, includes theory and lots of practical examples from the real world, totally tailor made and bespoke designed for corporate environments. The learning curve and the content of the course has been designed to help and improve problem solving skills that led to better and more reliable decision making. The types of skills you will learn are:

  • Understand the difference between a problem and a decision
  • Understanding problem definition and scope, situational analysis
  • Using an analytical approach to problem solving
  • Using modern problem solving and creative thinking techniques
  • Understand the types of decision making processes
  • Applying techniques to resolving business problems in relation to customer experience, business, marketing and PR
  • Defining a problem and using problem solving techniques
  • Preventing problems from occurring
  • Mapping-out the problem, together with causes and solutions
  • Decisions making and creative problem solving
  • Develop the imagination to solve your problems
  • Team working to solve the problem
  • Profiting from problems
  • Practical and real life experiences

This course is 2 full days from 9am – 5pm, an hour lunch break and a few short breaks are included.

There are no formal entry requirements, we welcome all applicants who are interested in this subject.

There are no hidden fees and costs. This course is available in online or in-house/personal version. For in-house/personal training, the venue must be provided by the client (if you can’t provide, please contact us first). The price includes all travelling costs and hotel accommodation to any UK Mainland location for trainers. The date depends on your request, Monday to Friday, if you prefer the weekend, please contact us first.

International training prices are the same, but the hotel accommodation and travelling costs are not included. Please contact us to discuss if you are outside of the UK and require in-house/personal training.

This is a closed training session which is organised for the client company delegated group only. Please note that the minimum attendees are 5 people in this course. The prices are per person. Above 5 attendees, you will get an instant 10% discount of the final price.

Fully bespoke or multiple training are available on request.
Please contact us.

There is no formal exam, you will get a Guerrilla Academy Certificate which proves you participated at the course.

Limited number of training
seats are available
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What Our Students Say

“We had a very interesting and helpful training. We’ve been trained for problem solving and decision making methods, identifying issues, SWOT and root cause analysis, decision tree technique and much more. Thanks to UX Guerrilla, we really enjoyed!”


UX Researcher