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Food waste or food loss is food that is not eaten. The causes of food waste or loss are numerous and occur at the stages of production, processing, retail and consumption. Between 33-50% of all food produced globally is never eaten, and the value of this wasted food is worth over $1 trillion. The research shows that we throw away 6.6 million tonnes of household food waste a year in the UK. 2. Of the 6.6 million tonnes we throw away, almost three quarters (70% of the total) is food we could have eaten (4.5 million tonnes). Food waste is a massive market inefficiency, the kind of which does not persist in other industries.

FoodWaste mobile app has many functions which motivate people to reduce food waste and to save the environment. This app also can be used to educate people about shopping behaviour and inspire them to recycle food waste a smarter way. Our ambitions on this mobile app were to deliver a fun, exciting and easy to use way to educate people on how to reduce food waste radically in their home, reuse and share leftovers. The app also contains food waste blogs, articles, interactive cookbooks and shopping list to help users. 

Guerrilla tasks & responsibilities
  • Conduct user research, qualitative and quantitative interviews, behavioural tests: moderated, face to face user interviews, diary studies, online surveys
  • Define information architecture and interaction design
  • Create customer and user journey, personas and scenarios
  • Interactive and walkthrough wireframes, lo/high fidelity prototypes
  • Deliver project scope, digital approach and concept/proposal
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